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Below are answers to some questions you might have.  I would love for this to serve as an open forum.  If you have an additional questions, please post here and I will answer as soon as I can!

What is the ordering deadline for photos?         If you would like your photos (excluding groups, collages, performance) by recital, order forms must be turned into the studio no later than June 2.  All other orders are due no later than June 30.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Can I order online?      Only performance photographs can be purchased online till June 30.

How can I see the group photo after the recital?          Group photos will be uploaded shortly after the recital in a group gallery that can be viewed through this link.  This will also be the link to any individual retakes and makeups.

How will the photos be delivered?          We will have a photo table at the recital where you can pick up your order.  All later photo orders will be delivered at once to ADA mid July.  Shipping is available for an extra $5.00.

What is the digital package?           If you order the digital package, you receive a CD or flash drive with all photos in your dancer’s gallery.  High resolution and includes copyright.

How do I get the sibling shots?     You can add the sibling shot option to one of your dancer’s packages for $39.This is a digital add on only. If you ONLY want the sibling/digital images, it will be $99.

Are the photos retouched?        Every ordered digital image and or print will be moderately retouched. Extra retouching is available for $5.00/image (i.e. taking out straps, hair clean up) If there is something you are concerned about, please write on order form.

Can I get multiple poses in a picture package?       Yes you can order up to 3 different poses in one package. Make sure to clearly mark which pose you want for what size.     

Can I order in black and white?         Yes.  Just make sure and note which photo or package you want this effect on.

Can I order add on items without buying a package?            Yes.

Is there a retake day?         Yes.  June 4th.  See Laurie to sign up.





What is a custom collage?              A custom collage is a unique composite created by the photographer based on the photos you pick.  It comes in 3 sizes  8x10, 11x14, 13x19  (16x20)

How many photos can I put in a collage?             It depends on the size. I recommend no more than 5 for an 8x10,  8 for an 11x14, and 10 for a 13x19.  Keep in mind that the more photos you put into collage, the smaller they will be on collage.

Can I pick studio and performance for one collage?         Yes you can pick whatever images you want!  Doesn’t even have to be same person, or from the same dance!

Can I see what the collage will look like before buying it?       You have to first purchase the collage.  Once designed (usually takes a couple weeks), then you will receive en email with a low res proof of collage for approval.  At that point, you can either approve or give any input to make it to your satisfaction.

                                                Collages are 100% guaranteed. 



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