Amanda Renzulli was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She began her love of photography while attending Broad Ripple High School where she started assisting other photographers. She worked under and for Terry Bateman (Master Craftsman), Neil King and Wilbur Tague. Her experience plus her ability and amazingly approachable personality has made her one of the most sought after photographers in the area.

Along with starting her own business in 2012, she maintains a strong commitment to her family.  She has two wonderful daughters and feels blessed to make a living at what she knows best, photography.

Just recently, Amanda has joined Robert's Camera new sales team! Working only part time, allows her to still maintain her business, working with businesses like Indiana Ballet Conservatory, Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, and other exclusive and non profit events and organizations. Renzulli Photography is committed to supporting the performing arts in our Indianapolis area.  Amanda possesses the knowledge and experience to help fellow photographers as well as take on new clients as family.